Unleashing the Power of Data at PSC

On a beautiful April day, we opened our doors and let the spring air in.  Streaming in along with the cool breeze came people from many walks of life to learn about what resources and services PSC can offer them.  We met faculty and researchers from both Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh;  students from both CMU and Pitt and a large contingent from nearby Slippery Rock University; local and some not-so-local K-12 educators;  and even some students newly admitted to Carnegie Mellon in town for a campus visit.

They came to learn about the resources and services that PSC offers. Some tucked away knowledge about our new Data Supercell, our high capacity, high reliability, low latency “near-line” data management system.  Others processed information about the Digital Manufacturing initiative, offering modeling and simulation tools for product design, analysis, prototyping and testing  to small and mid-size Pennsylvania businesses.   The K-12 crowd were educated about the resources and training we provide to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) teachers.

Those interested in biomedical matters connected with PSC scientists involved in mapping brain pathways, and saw how Anton, our innovate computing system for biomedical scientists,  enables us to see molecular dynamics in action.    Our close friends and collaborators from the MIDAS Center of Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh spread information about their study of infectious disease dynamics and prevention.  Scientists and science aficionados were wowed over research using Blacklight ; some got sucked in by MassiveBlack, a simulation of the formation of supermassive black holes in the early days of the universe, while others came to understand how Blacklight helped researchers test better ways to translate languages.

Others  connected with our networking group over 3ROX, our GigaPoP, or hastened to talk with the Web10G crew about improving network speeds.

And everyone enjoyed the refreshments!

We hope you joined us… if you didn’t, here are some pictures of what you missed.  Look for an announcement next spring about our next open house.  We really hope to see you there!

Greg Hood explains how supercomputing is used in biomedical research.

Katie Phillips discusses the research done at the MIDAS Center of Excellence with Discover12 attendees.

Steve Cunningham and Bryan Webb talk to an attendee about 3ROX, which
provides high speed commodity and research network access.

Students discuss high-performance computing over snacks.

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